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A friend’s wedding

My very good friend Vicki was married yesterday to her new husband, Alan.  (Good men share a good name.  Hehehe.)  Deidre and I were there, enjoying the ceremony and reception, and I took over 200 photos. 

They had an ‘official’ photographer who was a friend who offered to take the photos for free.   I was their unofficial backup.  Which was good, ’cause the other guy seemed to hang around at the back of the church, while I was up the front from all kinds of different angles, getting all the good shots.  The other guy was there for photos between the ceremony and reception, but then he disappeared and was never seen again.  So it’s a good thing I continued getting all the good photos.

I’ll be putting them up on a website somewhere, so guests, etc, can see samples and then choose to buy those they want to.  I’ll put some of the best in my own photo blog as well.

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