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Changes within the US media

I’m noticing something exciting… the US media are now starting to ask the right questions of the Bush administration, having quotes from previous speeches available, so that when a member of the Bush administration says they never said something, the statement is made: “Well, on this particular day you said blah blah blah…”

And the politicians are getting damned annoyed, which is great!

However, I can see something really bad happening.  We’ve already seen that Bush is ignoring laws, which is a big sign he’s moving towards an open dictatorship, instead of the disguised dictatorship I’ve been seeing in the past.  What we’re also hearing is rumours that the US government is going to start enacting the ‘Alien and Sedition Act’, which makes it illegal to publish ‘false, scandalous, and malicious writing’ against the government or its officials.  The problem is, who is it that decides what is false, scandalous and malicious?  The government, of course.

And so anyone who criticises the government, who writes about them in such a way that it invites controversy or even a change of government, is, according to the Sedition Act, breaking the law. 

The Sedition Act has already been used against US citizens who are critical of the US government.  And then we have the ignorant who think it would be a good idea for the government to suppress free speech, so that no one gets the opportunity to criticise or mock the government.  In fact, the ignorance is worthy of quoting:

We need a new sedition act because nobody should be allowed to publish criticism of our leaders. For example, if someone believes that our President is a draft-dodging unintelligent frat boy, and they pollute others’ minds with such treasonous language, they deserve to be imprisoned and thrown out of the country.

Yep, sure, I can see the ‘logic’ in that… not!

However, I’m really not sure if the author is simply being facetious when they finish their article with:

Blind trust is the foundation of a quiet citizenry. Remember, if France
had followed this philosophy, they would not have riots in their

After all, if we are not bound together with identical opinions, then how can we ever coexist peacefully?

They’re either very stupid, or trying their hand at sarcastic satire.  I’m not exactly sure which.

So we have the rewarding actions of the media, questioning the lies and illegal actions of the US government, and yet we have the ‘campaign of the idiots’, who are working to suppress free speech, and to make it illegal to criticise the government. 

I call it the ‘campaign of the idiots’ because I feel that only idiots can believe freedom comes by suppressing those who seek freedom, and peace comes by killing those who seek peace.

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