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Ideal career satisfaction for your personality type

You can find out an idea of what the ideal career satisfactions for your personality type is here:

Ideal careers for your personality type

As an INFP, career satisfaction means doing work that:

  1. Is in harmony with my own personal values and beliefs and allows me to express my vision through my work.
  2. Gives me time to develop substantial depth to my ideas and maintain control over the process and product.
  3. Is done autonomously, with a private work space and plenty of uninterrupted time, but with periodic opportunities to bounce my ideas off people I feel respect me.
  4. Is done within a flexible structure, with a minimum of rules or regulations, letting me work on projects when I feel inspired.
  5. Is done with other creative and caring individuals in a cooperative environment free from tension and interpersonal strife.
  6. Lets me express my originality and in which personal growth is encouraged and rewarded.
  7. Does not require me to present my work frequently in front of groups of people or be called upon to share before it is completed to my satisfaction.
  8. Allows me to help others grow and develop and realize their full potential.
  9. Involves understanding people and discovering what makes them tick; allows me to develop deep one-to-one relationships with others.
  10. Allows me to work toward fulfilling my ideals and not be limited by political, financial, or other obstacles.


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