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If sex abuse claims against Trump actually works?

Here’s an interesting thought. If this US election is determined solely by claims of sexual abuse against Trump – they don’t have to be right, they just have to be claimed – then it’s likely that there will never be a male US President ever again. Every male candidate will have claims of sexual abuse against them as a campaign tactic, and suddenly only a minority will want to vote for them.

“Oh, you want to vote for a rapist?”

If it works this time, it’s likely to work every time. And if it works for US elections, it’s surely going to work everywhere. Elections will no longer be about policies, but about sexual abuse allegations. It’ll get to a point very quickly that men just won’t even bother trying to campaign. Our future will have women in leadership instead of men.

Of course, gay men might be able to run for office, but sex abuse claims could still be valid campaign tactics if it worked so well against Trump.

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  • Your premise might be flawed if you’re assuming that a Trump loss will solely be due to the sexual allegations. Don’t forget that he’s a bombastic idiot to begin with and gross unqualified for the office he seeks. He’s a reality TV personality and nothing more, certainly not a successful businessman.

    • Yeah, a discussion I’m having elsewhere pointed out to me that according to the polls, the sex abuse scandal has had minimal effect on popularity and preferences, which I’ve found surprising. It could be that regardless of this, Trump supporters will still be Trump supporters. They may be thinking that Trump may be an idiot, but he’s still a better choice than Clinton…

    • But also remember that I said ‘IF this election is determined by claims of sexual abuse…’ My words are just a thought I had 🙂

  • Damien

    IF he were to lose the election based on that situation alone, it’s of his own making anyway. Audio comes out of him saying things which are compromising to his character, he fires back with a panel of Bill Clinton’s victims (apparently), this is supposed to damage Hilary’s character, guilt by association. So she or her team follows his lead and does the same thing.

    When there are True Believers of any flavor, any evidence or factual information can be waved away without consideration. This usually happens because when someone doesn’t use logical or rational thinking to attain a belief system, logic, rational thinking or evidence is not enough to convince ‘then’ they are wrong.


    • I’ve seen video of interviews he’s done when much younger, about how he might like to run for President some day. He certainly hasn’t lived up to it over the years, in terms of his manner and attitude.

      But in regards to logical or rational thinking, that has no bearing in this campaign. It’s about identity politics, nothing else. Clinton’s campaign has managed to get those who identify with sexual abuse victims on her side, and it’s been very effective.

      • Damien

        This was more of a comment regarding the ‘voters’ rather than the candidates.

        Regarding what party alignment people identify with, this becomes one of those ‘evidence is not needed’ scenarios. Negative evidence toward the favoured party is rejected outright as it opposes the outcome the individual voter wants. So its not surprising that the majority of Trump’s followers have not altered their position in light of any damning criticism. This goes for most candidates for any major party. On the flip side, people who are trying to decide which candidate to vote for are more likely to address all claims as dubious till proven factual. So if it is going to cost him, it will be in the undecided, not the Republican faithful.


  • Jim Cranky

    It may work a few times, but if it became routine, people would see thru it, especially IF there was NO proof forthcoming! An allegation is just that:an allegation. Claims are not proof!

    • An allegation is all that is needed to sow the seeds of disgust. If it becomes commonly accepted that ‘all men are rapists’, as the extremists want everyone to believe, then men will no longer risk it. This is a tactic to silence Trump and all his supporters, and if it works it’s only human nature to keep on using such a tactic.

  • Jim Cranky

    Alan, I can’t make replies here, only top level posts.
    If i hit reply, all it does is reload the page, back to square one!

    • How long has this problem been happening? I’d recommend deleting your cache and restarting your browser and trying again.

      • Jim Cranky

        Last time I tried to reply to someone else!

      • Jim Cranky

        Browser wanted updating, now it works! Again…

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