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It’s the end…

Well, the end of the year anyway. This is an update of my life over the next few days, as I’m not entirely sure I’ll have the time or opportunity to update this blog before I get back to NZ on the 3rd January.

Deidre and I are spending new year’s eve with her friends David and Celeste. That’s tomorrow.

Then on New Year’s Day, I’m not exactly sure what we’re doing. I think we might be staying with them for the day.

On the 2nd of January, we’re going to be picked up by Deidre’s mum, who will then take us to another of Deidre’s family members, and have lunch with them, before returning to Wollongong.

On the 3rd, well… that’s when I’m heading back to NZ. Tonight I organised to catch up with with Dan and Amanda on that day. Amanda’s been in touch with me, wanting to catch up before I went back, so that’s been organised tonight, for Tuesday 3rd. Deidre and I will be dropped off at Dan’s that morning by Deidre’s mum. Then we’re all going into the city for lunch, where we’ll catch up with Amanda and David, her partner. Then Dan is coming with Deidre and I to the airport, where they’re going to see me onto the plane and say goodbye.

I don’t know when I’ll see Dan again, but it will probably be in February, as Deidre and I are coming back to Sydney then for a wedding we were invited to. Dan’s given us his place for the time we’re here, which is just great of him.

As for Amanda… the last time I saw her was when she drove me to the Canberra airport on the 13th June 2000. Five and a half years ago. I haven’t seen her since, but have always kept in touch. In 2001 I was pissed off with her because I went to Brisbane and she wasn’t interested in driving an hour to catch up with me. Even though I got over it, our relationship was lessened as a result. I think these days she feels more highly of me than I do of her, but I’m wondering if seeing her again will change that.

I’ll write some more when I can. I’ve already made a ‘happy new year’ post which will be my last post for the year, and dated it for tomorrow night. It’ll technically be my last post, even though this post has been written after it. So I’ll wish you all a happy new year in this one as well.

I’ve been keeping this blog up to date not just for me, but for you. It’s been an absolute pleasure to have been able to share with you my holiday, my adventures, my life and the people within it that are important to me. I look forward to sharing more of my life with you over the coming weeks, months and years.

Have an excellent new year, and I hope 2006 sees you achieve all of those dreams you create for yourself.

With love and blessings….


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