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Joe Biden won the 2020 US election

As we all know by now, Biden has been declared by the media to have won the 2020 US election. I know I predicted a Trump win of 55% of the popular vote, which didn’t turn out as expected, and which surprised me.

Maybe I’m not psychic… πŸ™‚

However, let’s look at some information about average voter turnout over the previous 16 years, which is directly related to what I thought would happen.

Records were broken this election.

Trump got 70 million votes in 2020. More people voted for Trump in 2020 than voted for Obama at his most popular.

Think about that. Despite all the claims of evil by the media and the left, Trump is still incredibly popular.

If Trump got those votes based on the same turnout as in 2016, then he would have got 54% of the popular vote. If based on the average voter turnout over the previous 16 years (121 million), then he would have got 58%. I’m at least happy that my expectations about his popularity in 2020 were accurate – maybe I’m psychic after all.

But what wasn’t expected was the number of people that voted for Biden. More people voted for Biden (75 million) than voted for Obama at his most popular (69 million). The numbers have surprised a lot of people – happily for those on the left, and suspiciously for those on the right. Even more suspiciously for those of us who are psychic – why didn’t we see this? πŸ™‚

I was listening to a podcast over the weekend that was talking about the chances of cheating occurring that might have allowed the Democrats to win. There were some interesting points they made which I was inspired to blog about.

  • Motive – is there a motive for the Democrats and supporters to cheat? Is removing ‘Hitler’ worth cheating? 100% yes. Why wouldn’t they? It would be impossible for them to let it be a fair election if that meant Hitler had a chance of staying in power.
  • Opportunity – is there any opportunity for a number of people on the left to change Trump votes to Biden? In software development with ‘glitches’? In vote counting? In finding new ballots? 100% yes, especially if doing so would result in removing ‘Hitler’ from power.
  • Accountability – is there any accountability for any person found cheating in elections? Zero, particularly when it’s so easy to say ‘oops, typo, sorry’ if an instance of cheating is found, with that instance being corrected, but not the other instances that weren’t found….. If there’s zero chance of being held accountable for breaking the law, then the chances of breaking the law are 100%.

So when you consider these points, it’s easy to see that cheating has probably occurred in every US election for as long as there have been elections.

Did cheating occur in this election?

I think that’s 100% likely. Admittedly, probably by both sides. The Democrats were just better at it this time around.

There’s a lot of people behind the scenes that are investigating signs of fraud. At this stage, it’s likely that a number of states will have their votes recounted under extreme scrutiny, and there’s a chance that Trump will remain as President. I know the chances of that are NOT 100%, but there’s a chance.

What if evidence is discovered that there was widespread cheating by the Democrats and supporters to steal the election, and as a result of the investigations, the illegal votes are removed and recounts are done, and it’s discovered that Trump won the election fairly?

The reaction by the left in 2016 when Hillary lost would be nothing compared to the reaction if Trump actually wins this election.

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