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Trump will win the 2020 election

Back in May 2016, about 6 months before the US election of that year, I wrote a post where I predicted that Trump would win, and provided my reasons for it. (You can read it here: Donald Trump will be President.) Back then, I believed he would win the election because his mastery of persuasion was resulting in his opponents campaigning for him. Instead of talking about all the benefits their candidate (Hillary Clinton) would bring (there weren’t any), they were ranting constantly about how bad Trump was.

They didn’t understand that even bad PR is good PR, and if you have people thinking about one thing, that’s all they’ll be thinking about when the time comes for them to make a choice. And subconsciously, that choice will be affected by what’s been most on their mind prior to that.

It’s been happening all over again. Instead of the media talking about all the benefits that Joe Biden would bring (there aren’t any), they’re ranting constantly about how bad Trump is.

So the people still only have Trump on their mind, and that’s going to have an influence on how they vote on November 3, 2020. (It’s only 10 days away as I write this.)

But it’s not just that.

Not only will they be thinking about Trump, they’ll be thinking about the violence this year. They’ll be thinking about how the Democrats have supported tearing down the systems that support the majority of Americans in order to appease very small groups of minorities.

They’ll be thinking about the most recent Presidential debate, where Joe Biden stated that he would shut down the oil industry. They’ll be thinking about what that means to their jobs and all the systems in place that rely on oil, with no real effective replacement.

They’ll be thinking about how record numbers of people are better off now than they were 4 years ago (the highest number since records began back in the 80s) with Trump supporting the US economy and businesses, which has a significant effect on improving jobs and lifestyles.

They’ll be thinking about how bad things have been during this COVID19 pandemic, but wondering if anyone else could have done better. Especially since it was Biden and the Democrats who originally complained about Trump shutting down the borders when he did, calling him xenophobic and racist. Despite their political claims since then, a Democrat President would have kept the borders open much longer with a worse result than what the US currently has.

During his first term, Trump brought jobs back to America, resolved the issue of ISIS and terrorism in the Middle East, brought North Korea to the peace table with South Korea (a work still in progress, but NK hasn’t been saber rattling with nuclear threats since then, and their threat level has been reduced), as well as peace in the Middle East between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Peace in the Middle East. The Holy Grail for all US Presidents over the past 60 years. Trump did it.

And all this despite the most hostile media and politics in US history. Despite everything bad they have claimed but failed to prove (political bullshit). Despite all the propaganda they’ve tried to throw at him.

My prediction is that Trump will win this 2020 election by an even greater amount than last time (which was 57% of the electoral votes). I think he’ll get more than 60% of the electoral votes and maybe 55% of the popular vote.

I’m going to be enjoying watching the results come in on election night. There’s so many people who watch only the leftist news that would have them think Trump has almost zero chance of winning – just like they did in 2016. So many people are going to lose their minds all over again.

I’ll have my popcorn ready.

What about you? What are your thoughts? Please leave them below.

(Disclaimer: I reserve the right for my prediction to be wrong. What, you think I can tell the future? It’s possible… even likely. But nothing is guaranteed.)

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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