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Why are you here?

Hey you. Yes, you. The subscriber that’s reading this. That’s right – YOU. I’m curious about something.

I want to know why you’re here.

No, I don’t want to know why you’re here on this planet, in this universe… I want to know why you’re here, reading this blog.

Maybe you’ve been a subscriber for a long time. Maybe for only a short time. I don’t know.

But whatever the reason you’re here, I’d like to know why. I’d like to know why you subscribed, and I’d like to know why you’re still here as a subscriber.

What do you enjoy that makes you want to stay?

Is it the general posts about my journey through life? What do you like about those?

Is it the articles I write? Which ones? What do you like about them?

What would you like to see more of?

You’re here for a reason. You subscribed to this blog for a reason. You enjoyed something you read here, and you enjoyed it enough to become a subscriber.

I’d like to know what it was that you enjoyed, so that I can do more of it.

Please leave a comment below to let me know why you’re here. Or you can send it to my privately by email to alan@alansjourney.com.

I’d be very grateful for you taking the time to let me know.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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