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100 things about me

Others are doing it, so I thought I would too. Besides, it’s fun (although challenging) to write, and maybe it’ll be fun for you to read. So here’s 100 things about me.

1. I started working when I was 15, sweeping floors and stacking shelves in a variety store.

2. I stole a packet of chewing gum from this same store one day while I was alone sweeping up. I felt so bad that I returned it to the container I took it from, unopened. I’ve never stolen anything since.

3. I’ve been in 3 fights in my life. None of them were serious, all of them were before I was 14.

4. I’ve been on welfare benefits on and off for about a third of my life. I don’t want to return to that.

5. I believe in alien life.

6. I believe in God. Just not the same God you might believe in.

7. I used to be an atheist until about 17 years ago, when I had experiences that didn’t make sense if there was nothing beyond this physical experience. I had to change my beliefs to fit my experiences.

8. I’ve seen and talked to angels. I’ve challenged and beaten demons. I’ve channeled the messages of spirits. I’ve seen people’s past and futures that came true. I’ve turned skeptics into believers. I’m different.

9. My mum used to buy secondhand clothes when I was a kid. I remember being proud to wear some black pants at the age of 12, which had a red stripe down the seam. I felt like a military officer. Years later I realised I looked stupid. I never forgave my mother for that.

10. I skateboarded once. Fell into a bush and couldn’t get out. Never did it again.

11. My first fight was at the age of 8, with the son of my dad’s boss. The boss wanted to break us up, but dad stopped him. There were about 6 adults standing around watching and laughing at us 8 yr olds as we wrestled on the ground. I won. I was still embarrassed.

12. When I was in my late teens I used to study Rhee Tae Kwon Do. Then I saw a blackbelt get beaten up by some idiot on the street who laughed at the attempts to kick him in the head. I quit.

13. I took up Ninjitsu when I was in my 20’s, because I wanted to actually be able to defend myself on the street. I learnt that the best defence is to avoid needing to defend yourself in the first place.

14. I have blue eyes.

15. I have brown hair.

16. I’m 6′ 1″ tall, or 183 cm tall.

17. I joined the Australian Army Reserves when I was 18. I did this because I wanted to ‘test the water’ with regular army service. I didn’t like it, so stayed a part time soldier for 3 years, but was glad to get out at the end of it.

18. I’ve never developed big muscles. It often frustrates me that I’m physically incapable of some things.

19. A disc collapsed in my lower spine in 1993. It left me in excruciating pain for 6 months, and the government told me I was an invalid, offering me a pension for the rest of my life. I refused to believe it, and got on with life instead.

20. I sold vacuum cleaners door to door for 2 years. I loved every minute of it. Except for the fact that I didn’t make any money. I looked like I was anorexic. If I do that again, it would only be because I don’t need the money. I’d eat more.

21. In my early 20s I was so angry and frustrated with my life that I wanted to kill a random stranger because he was breathing too loudly while I was sitting next to him in a bus stop. He was the only person I’ve ever really, seriously wanted to kill.

22. I’ve never been free. It’s why I want it so much.

23. I’ve never had enough money. It’s why I value it so much.

24. My first computer was given to me by a friend in 1996. He’s still one of my best friends.

25. I severed the friendship with another ‘best friend’ only last week. His ego took control of him and he felt that he needed to direct the lives of those who would listen to him. I stopped listening. No one directs my life but me.

26. I’m an INTP, which means I’m Introverted, iNtuitive, Thoughtful, Perceptive. I used to be an INFP. It means that I’ve changed from a Feeling person to a Thoughtful person. Someone told me a few days ago that it means I’ve matured. I like that.

27. Being Perceptive surprises me. I thought I’m more Judgemental. Apparently not.

28. The best job I had in my life was in New Zealand.

29. The craziest woman I met in my life was in New Zealand. She tried to kill me. I didn’t ler her.

30. The best woman I ever met was in New Zealand. I’m still with her today, after 3 years. Which happens to be the longest I’ve ever been with any woman in my life.

31. My first real love was the one I expected to last forever. It shattered my life when it didn’t. A decade later I got over it.

32. I have one regret in life. She’s now married to a man she doesn’t love. My regret is walking away from a good thing. But life goes on.

33. I wish people had the moral qualities of those in Star Trek: The Next Generation. We’d be much happier. I love Star Trek, and think Picard is just The Man.

34. The ‘history of Star Trek’ says that after World War 3 in the 21st century, mankind killed all the lawyers. I wonder when we’ll begin.

35. I love toys. My first toy that I remember were toy soldiers. I’m still playing with toys, but they’re bigger now, and more expensive. It’s fun.

36. Some secrets need to remain a secret.

37. I try to live my life by doing the best I can for myself. I don’t always succeed.

38. I love science fiction stories, artwork, movies, imagination. I think it’s because I want to live in the future.

39. I know what it’s like to starve. My dad never thought I’d know that in today’s western world. I proved him wrong. It wasn’t intentional though, and it wasn’t until years later that I realised I’d proven him wrong. Some things we prove to others should be easier.

40. My first car was a 1979 Mitsubishi Sigma. I bought it in 1993. It died in less than a year.

41. I had an affair with a married woman. She introduced me to the family as a long lost cousin. Her husband lent me their second car. I drove it for about 8 months. He never knew the truth.

42. I’ve had affairs with 6 women, 5 of them married, 1 only partnered. I was single in all those cases, so I felt fine about it. I still think opportunism can be a good thing, but it’s not for everyone.

43. I’ve never betrayed any of my partners.

44. I believe in radical honesty. I just can’t bring myself to be radically honest.

45. I’ve been in only one car accident in my life, which was going up someone’s rear end because I was too close and going too fast. I learned to keep some distance.

46. I’ve done a lot of different jobs in my life. I can’t remember all of them. I’m sad that I’ve done so many different things.

47. One of the married women I had an affair with, I fell in love with. But I knew it couldn’t be any more than what we had. I let it go, without regret. It’s better to have loved and lost, than to never love at all.

48. A little bit of your heart stays with every person you love, no matter how much you might think otherwise. It takes a lot to cut that link. Usually only great hurt and anger will do it.

49. I’ve been writing a journal since 1985. That’s 23 years. I have a lot of journals packed away in boxes. Since 1998, it’s been online only. It’s the story of my life. One day I’ll put it all together.

50. I think I’m one of the oldest online journalers, or bloggers as they’re called now, on the internet today. But I’m not famous, so it doesn’t matter.

51. I’m more than halfway through this ‘100 things’. It’s hard to write!

52. I don’t care about people as much as I’d like to. I care about those I know, but I have no feelings for those I don’t know. Sometimes I feel guilty about this. I’m selfish.

53. I was inspired to write this by someone who had included that they can wiggle their ears. I thought, ‘big deal’. It is to them though. But I wanted to write something meaningful about me. How am I doing?

54. I call myself Neo when online. It’s because I relate to the character. I believe there’s more to this reality than what we’re told, but what we’re told is simply to maintain control over us. We live in The Matrix. Most people don’t want to see that, because they want to feel like they’re in control. They deny their reality. It frustrates me that they refuse to wake up.

55. Computer games often end up boring me. I think that I don’t know what I’m looking for in a game.

56. When I was in primary school I was called Howard by my friend Dan, which meant everyone called me that. When I was in high school they called me Howie. After I left high school I lost touch with all of my friends, except Dan; the nickname changed from Howie to Yowie then Yowzer. We worked together 12 years later, and by then he called me Wowzer. Today, another 12 years later, he calls me Al. Or mate. We’re soulmates.

57. I was excellent at spelling. Always top of my class in the spelling tests. I’m still excellent, and saddened by how language skills are slipping in today’s world. People who don’t know the difference between there and their, or your and you’re. And so on. They make me angry. Makes me wonder why I tried so hard. I feel alone.

58. My dad considered himself a ‘wordsmith’. I wonder if I’ll feel the same way when I’m 70. Maybe I’m a wordsmith now. Like a blacksmith, but with words. I make things with them.

59. I hate fishing. Tried it once. Couldn’t stand pulling the hooks out of the fish, knowing that my action was giving them pain. Wasn’t able to cut their heads off either. Have never been able to kill anything larger than a spider.

60. I can kill spiders fine. They creep me out. I think my world changed after I was bitten by a dangerous one. Now they all have to die. Some people won’t let me kill them all though. *glares at Deidre*

61. I’ve lived in two countries, Australia and New Zealand. I feel I can live anywhere. I’m one of the elite of this world, one of those rare people who travel and live outside of their home town, even of their home country.

62. I’ve been to London. It wasn’t long enough, and I didn’t see enough. The photos I have of it are blurred. That’s what it was like for me, blurred. I need to go back and do it all again. Without the blurred stuff. Hopefully I won’t be with an ex-girlfriend on holiday, worried about whether or not she’ll kill me. She didn’t, but that’s why it’s all blurry. It was close.

63. I’ve been going bald for over 10 years now. I think the small balding patch in the back of my head is finally starting to grow, after being the same way for a decade. I think I’m getting old.

64. I wonder what I’ll look like with no hair.

65. I love singing along with a good song when driving in the car. It’s good that my passengers don’t mind my singing. Much.

66. The only love I remember from my mum was when I was 11 and had the measles. I was delirious, but I remember that she wiped my forehead with cold water. I was sweating a lot. That’s all the love I remember from her. It makes me cry.

67. I learnt to drive in a work van. I scared my workmates who helped me learn to drive. I even drove the van illegally, by myself, so I could get as much driving practice as I could. I passed the driving test first go. I remember singing as I was legally able to drive alone, “Life is a highway, and I want to drive it all night long!”

68. I am Australian, and proud to be an Aussie.

69. I’ve never been married, but I have been engaged twice.

70. I have no children, as far as I know.

71. The first album I ever bought was Purple Rain by Prince, on audio cassette.

72. The first CD I ever bought was She’s So Unusual by Cyndi Lauper.

73. I’d never heard of Bruce Springsteen before Dancing In The Dark was released.

74. The Born In the USA album is the only music that changed my life, resulting in me owning every album Springsteen has ever produced, and seeing him in concert in 2003, standing on the front line in front of the stage. That was an experience!

75. I don’t like dogs at all. If they’re small, they’re noisy and irritating. If they’re big, they’re dangerous and unpredictable. When I was 12, I saw the results of a 9 year old boy having had his 3 Labradors try to eat him. I could see the bone inside his wounds, which were numerous and on his arms, legs, torso… Great chunks of flesh taken out of him, all over his body. He survived, but I’m sure he was never the same again. The dogs were put down. I’ve never trusted dogs since, and I don’t think I ever will.

76. Cats don’t eat people. I love cats.

77. Some people eat people. I don’t love them.

78. I have difficulties letting go of my expectation that people will choose good things for their world. They don’t. It frustrates me. I need to let go of this.

79. My turbo-charged performance vehicle is the best car I’ve ever owned, and the most powerful. It was bought brand new, built with extra features added on at my request, and gives me lots of joy. Nothing has beaten me at the lights yet, but it’ll happen one day. I’m already looking forward to when I upgrade it.

80. My first ‘love’ was when I was 13. She was the sweetest, most gorgeous girl in the school, and she didn’t even know me. Then I found out she was the life of a party because she danced with her top off. I was both shattered that she was a ‘slut’ and jealous that I wasn’t there. A relationship doomed to failure.

81. I found out on the last day of high school that two girls I’d considered friends had a crush on me for 2-3 years, ending a year previous. I was so very disappointed that they never let me know.

82. I enjoy watching good looking women. I’m a man, it’s what we do. However, I find it horribly disturbing when, from a distance, I spot a beautiful, sexy woman approach, only to discover when she’s nearer that she’s about 12. What’s the world coming to?

83. I prefer Chinese food to anything else, but I also love spaghetti bolognese. With lots of cheese.

84. I prefer Chinese women to any others, but I also love Deidre. She doesn’t have lots of cheese, but she’s still awesome. đŸ™‚

85. I used to be a Microsoft Windows enthusiast. And then along came Vista. It’s illegal to kill, so I bought a Mac instead. Now I love my MacBook Pro. I don’t know why I didn’t turn to the dark side sooner.

86. I prefer beer to wine, and I can’t stand red wine. If I have to drink red wine, I’ll die of thirst instead. If drinking spirits, I prefer Jim Beam, but enjoy Southern Comfort too. Sweet, that’s me.

87. While I’m writing this, Ken’s playing World of Warcraft. I should be playing it too, as I’m enjoying it. But I’m writing this instead. The sacrifices I make.

88. I love blogging.

89. I love writing about blogging.

90. I love writing about my life.

91. I love using my experiences to entertain and maybe even help others.

92. Those 4 things I love were originally all in #88, but I love spreading things out too, so now I’m up to number —

93. Facebook is fun. It helps me meet interesting people and even talk to some of them.

94. I love photography. A lot. I love the emotion of a view, and trying to capture that emotion or feeling within the photo. I’ve occasionally succeeded. I keep trying to capture more. I can understand why primitives thought photos captured their souls. They were right, depending on the skill of the photographer.

95. I enjoy seeing the end in sight. Only 5 more to go!

96. The longest game I ever played online was Eve Online, for a total of 9 months.

97. I used to absolutely love Desert Combat, a modification for the game Battlefield: 1942. I became really good at it. Then one day a friend almost committed suicide, and I was disgusted at man’s inhumanity to man in New Orlean’s aftermath to Hurricane Katrina. All in one day. On that day I gave up killing people in the game, as there was too much of it around me at that time. I want to play it again, but it’s now too old to play.

98. I have passive aggression. I don’t believe it’s a permanent condition, unlike what all the alleged experts seem to think. What can be learnt can be changed. Deidre thinks I’m doing a great job of succeeding at this.

99. My dad died a few weeks ago. I felt a greater sense of sadness than I thought I would. I also found a strength that no one else in my family had. That saddened me too.

100. Upon reaching 100, I realised I can go on for another 100! But this will do. Maybe I’ll do another 100 in the future.

I believe everyone has a story, and in every item above is a story. Everyone has something unique about themselves, about their life and their experiences. Everyone can tell a story, and the above 100 things about me tell 100 stories.

What stories can you tell? I’d love to see 100 things about you. Send me the link to your own blog post of 100 things about you by leaving a comment here.

I hope you enjoyed this, and if you want some more, let me know.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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