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101 ways to save money

piggy_bank_3.jpgIn my article about how to be your own financial manager, I talked about how you can cut extra expenses in order to save money. It’s amazing the money you can save by cutting out the smallest things.

Thanks to Free Money Finance, I found an article listing 101 ways to trim your expenses. I thought I’d take the opportunity to point you to them, and to list my favourites. These are things I already have been doing in my own life.

4. Try a vacation at home. See and do the things you’ve always meant to do and save on hotel costs. The holidays are a perfect time to enjoy local festivities.

5. Send free e-cards and save on postage.

21. Plan parties where everyone brings something.

30. Plan your purchases–avoid impulse buying.

32. Track your spending. If you write it all down, you’ll probably spend less. And you’ll know exactly where your money goes.

36. Use a budget–especially for items like gifts.

37. Compare rates for cable and satellite. Go with the less expensive option. Only sign up for the channels you know you’ll watch.

83. Turn down your home thermostat a couple of degrees in the winter.
84. Only do full loads of laundry and fill the dishwasher before running it.

91. Get rid of “add on” services with phone, TV, etc.
92. Keep up maintenance on cars. It may prevent costly future problems.

101. Cut back trips to Starbucks or other premium coffee shops.

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