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6 Predictions for my life in 2014

It’s still New Year’s Eve as I write this. It’s almost 10pm and I’m sitting in bed with the laptop. I don’t even have a drink with me. All my friends are doing their own thing this evening, so it’s just me and my wife. One of my friends was going to come over for some drinks, but he hasn’t shown up or texted to let me know what’s going on.

So I’m sitting in bed writing to you instead.

Both my wife and I are introverts and proud of it, so if either of us have a choice, then we prefer the quiet, peaceful, calm choice.


While it’s great to spend time with friends, if there’s no friends to spend time with then we find it’s also great to just spend time by ourselves; either doing something together, or doing our own things independently, or doing our own things together. Like right now.

It’s New Year’s Eve and she’s watching Chinese TV shows over the internet on her laptop. And I’m writing to you.

I’ve already written my obligatory new year’s eve post, Goodbye 2013, hello 2014, but I wanted to write something else. I wanted to write about my predictions for this coming year for me, which I intend to review at the end of 2014.

I believe that our life’s experiences are based on our thoughts leading to actions, leading to outcomes. So I also believe that if we spend time with our thoughts, working out what we want to act upon, then we can dictate outcomes with a better degree of accuracy than if we act without thinking.

So I want to make 2014 a more thoughtful, determined year, and I’m starting now by putting into motion the thoughts that will lead to actions, which I plan on leading to outcomes.

My wife thinks these are my New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe she’s right. But I still prefer to treat them as predictions of my desired outcomes for 2014.

These are the outcomes that I predict I will achieve by the end of 2014:

Outcome 1: I’ll be earning a minimum of $500 a week from paid online writing.

I say ‘minimum’ because I don’t want to limit my prediction. The sky’s the limit!


I’ve already started earning a bit of money from content writing for website developers, helping them create website content for their clients. I have one company I’ve started working with here in Canberra (a few weeks ago), and I started talking to another company today, based in Sydney. They’re both seeking to provide websites for clients, and they need someone who’s good at writing content to flesh out website pages for those clients. That’s where I come in.

My thinking is that as long as I continue doing what I’ve started, and seeking more and more opportunities to build upon what I’m doing, that I’ll see this prediction come true.

Outcome 2: I will have 3 eBooks available for people to purchase.

To have 3 eBooks available in 12 months, I’ll aim for 1 eBook per every 4 months.

What will they be about? I expect they’ll be related to the theme of this blog – my journey in life.

Outcome 3: I will have a baby [boy? girl?] and my family life will begin.

One of the things I don’t want to do is have children as a result of an accidental pregnancy. Now that we’re married, my wife and I are planning to have our first child in the next 12 months. We think twins would be a great outcome, but we plan on having no more than two children, with at most a 2 year break between them.


Outcome 4: I will have travelled to New Zealand for our honeymoon, as well as to China for a holiday.

Due to 2013 being a particularly tough year, we haven’t been able to afford a honeymoon. So we’re looking forward to being able to go to New Zealand for our honeymoon in 2014.

I used to live there for a period, from 2000 to 2007. It’s the most beautiful country on Earth, and I want to take my wife to see it and appreciate its beauty as much as I do. She loves Lord of the Rings as well as The Hobbit, so she already has her own motivations for seeing the country.


Her parents are in China, and we both want to go there not just to see them, but to see more of the country. She wants to show me around her home, and I want to see more of one of the most fascinating countries in the world. We’ll go to Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

Outcome 5: I will have written a minimum of 200,000 words for the year.

With my intention to write at least 500 words a day, that’s at least 182,500 words over 365 days. With some extra words from those 1000 word posts I’ll still continue to do (this one is at 810 words right now), as well as the eBooks I’ll be writing, I think 200,000 words is quite a reasonable outcome over a 12 month period.

With an average book being over 40,000 words, it means I’ll have written enough for 5 books…

Outcome 6: I will have a plan for how I can travel around the world, with a family, while earning money from the internet, while disabled.

That’s my ultimate goal right now: to travel the world, despite my disability, while being able to afford such a life with money earned from internet businesses, and having a wife and children along for the ride.

Others do it, so I’m sure I can too.


Remember, this outcome is simply to have a plan in place. For me, that requires a lot of research into how I can make it happen, and then writing it out in a way that I can make it happen for me, while making sure that all requirements are also in place to make it happen.

Once that’s done, I think 2015 will be a very interesting year indeed.

What about you? What are your predictions – or resolutions – for your life in 2014?

As a final note

I like to believe that what we do on New Year’s Eve sets the tone for what we do in the following year.

Tonight I’ve written over 1000 words with this post so far, and I’ve finished at 11:45pm. I strongly feel that this has set a wonderfully positive foundation for what I’ll be doing over the next 12 months.

My darling wife has to work tomorrow, so she’s already gone to sleep.

This isn’t us, but it’s almost exactly like this exact moment. 🙂
Remember what I said above about peace and quiet? That’s right – sleeping on New Year’s Eve is much better for us than going out partying and experiencing loud noises and loud people!

I’m going to have a shower and join her. We’ll sleep blissfully into the new year.

All the best to you and your loved ones for 2014. I wish you all the very best.

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