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A bit of an update

keyboard.JPGWell, it’s been over a week since I last updated this. That’s quite unusual these days. I can’t say I’ve been too busy, but I’ve certainly been distracted.

Work has gotten a little busier. It’s a busy 2-person job which has been dealt with just by me for a couple of weeks, so it got busier than usual. A new guy has started last week though, but there’s going to be a bit of a learning curve for him as he gets up to speed, so I’ll be taking the majority of the work.

I’ve only got another 4 weeks there before this contract finishes, so I’m currently looking for new work. The search has begun, the CV’s are being sent out. I hope to get something soon, which I can start in January.

During the week I’ve been trying out Second Life. I’d heard a lot about opportunities in the game to treat it like real life and actually make some money. So I’ve been looking into that as well. Honestly, I don’t think it’s worthwhile yet. You’ve simply got to have NO LIFE to make something of SECOND LIFE.

I guess I’ve also been putting a lot of my energy into the Taser Abuse website, updating that with news stories that I get email alerts of from Google News. It’s real amazing how many news stories and blog posts there are on the subject on a daily basis, so trawling through the crap to find the worthwhile stuff takes a little bit of time too.

The weekly budget and net worth calculations are going well. Due to Deidre not working for a week between contracts, our net worth went down, but it’s going back up again next week. 🙂

We’re also saving up for the xmas period, when we go galavanting around the country. We’ll be gone for 6 days, and I’m hoping it’s going to cost no more than $700. I don’t see why it should cost more than that, as petrol’s already paid for in the vehicle lease, so that leaves accommodation and food. Only 4 of those nights will be spent in hotels, and the other 2 nights will be in Adelaide with Deidre’s dad. And then there’ll be food and miscellaneous expenses. Shouldn’t be much, but I’m making sure we’ll have about $4,000 available by xmas should it be necessary. Which it won’t.

The country turned a corner last night. John Howard lost the fight to be Prime Minister, and lost his seat for the first time in 33 years. He’s outta here!

I voted Liberal because I wanted to support the economic policies which I think have been good for this country. Unfortunately, the majority of the people don’t agree. I guess that’s the joys of living in a democracy.

However, I don’t like Labour, and I don’t like the thought of where they’re going to take the country. So I’m considering joining a political party myself, and have a real contribution to the future of this country, with policies I support.

I considered the Liberty & Democracy Party (LDP), but unfortunately, they want to go with nuclear energy, which is something I disagree with. So I’ll continue my investigation into an appropriate party for me to become an active member of.

There’s also some ideas for blog posts which I’ve been meaning to write for a while. They’ll be done soon-ish, and I hope you enjoy them once they’re done.

Oh, and it was Thanksgiving in the US just recently. It’s not something we celebrate here in Australia, but I hope the American readers had a good Thanksgiving. Cheers!

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