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About Me

Hi, I’m Alan, and welcome to my online diary.

Even though this blog is new (as of 25th March 2016), I’ve been writing online since 1998, before the term ‘blogging’ was invented. Back then it was called ‘online journaling’. I’ve had a few different websites and blogs since then, as my writing and my themes in life have changed over the years. This is the most recent evolution, and this time I’ve decided to return to ‘online journaling’.

My old blog can be found here: www.alansjourney.com. It’s now an archive of my past writing since 1998. There’s over 1,600 posts there. It’s huge!

About me and this blog

alan-fanfanI’m a 49 year old mild-mannered business analyst by day, and an opinionated writer by night. Much to the frustration of many of my friends, my opinionated nature doesn’t just rest in my writing. They have to put up with my opinionated conversations over coffee!

I live in Canberra (Australia) with my lovely wife, Fanfan, and enjoy a few different hobbies which include catching up with friends over coffee, using my smartphone for photography, and travel.

This online diary is going to be me sharing insights, observations and opinions about various topics of interest to me. You know, the kind of thing one might record in their diary.

My hobbies include:

  • reading and writing
  • computer gaming
  • philosophy and spirituality
  • eating out and enjoying good food
  • smartphone photography
  • people watching

Oh, and drinking chai lattes at good cafes while hanging out with my friends and watching people walking by.

So that’s me. I hope you enjoy what you read here.