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Addicted to Starbucks

Uhh… Hi, my name is… uh… Alan Howard. And ummm… I’m addicted to Starbucks.

I blame my friend Garry, who started me on this path some years ago, when we first started getting together and discussing my Star Trek: Rebellion game. We’d get together a couple of times a week, and he’d be my sounding board as I came up with ideas for developing and maintaing the story and the website.

Ever since then it’s just been getting worse. Now I come here by myself, not needing the presence of any friends to join me or provide an excuse. I sit here alone, drinking that insidious chai latte, watching the asian babes – ahem, the people – walking past and writing for my blog/s.

I tell myself I find it relaxing and enjoyable, but really, I need help. I’m sure of it. Please help me by suggesting alternatives to where I can watch the asian babes – ahem, the people walking past – and writing about whatever’s on my mind or in the news. Help me, I implore you.

So here I sit today, and it’s yet another lovely day indeed, watching the… people walking past, an empty cup of chai latte on the table next to me, and the laptop on my lap, as I sit here typing away.

I discovered a very interesting little fact once I came here this afternoon. At home, my internet connection has been speed capped because I’ve gone over my download limit for the month. I have a limit of 10 Gb per month. I exceeded it this month in only 10 days. Wow, that’s pretty high even for me! But I’ve been downloading episodes of a new series called Threshold, as well as a few movies (Dark Sky and Sliding Doors), and also a few episodes of Firefly. Where does the bandwidth go?

Anyway, I’ve been speed capped down from 2Mb to only 64k, a few days ago. It’s a nightmare! But after coming into Starbucks today and connecting to my account via wi-fi, I find that I’m not speed capped! This means that the account limits are only associated with the ADSL connection at home, and not with the actual account login. Very nice!

A neat trick I plan on taking advantage of every now and again…

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