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Alan Seeks A Boss

I found some websites yesterday talking about finding a boss that you’d love to work for instead of simply finding a job. I fell in love with the idea! Everyone out there looking for work is doing it the same way – all applying for jobs online, competing with dozens or even hundreds of others for the same position.

I’ve been doing the same thing for the past 4-5 months, just like all the other job seekers out there, but it hasn’t worked for me this time around. So far, of course. This time around thee environment has been phenomenally bad. It’s been on my mind that I need to try something different.

I then found this article talking about How many job ads are fake, and it reminded me of how many times I’ve wasted my time applying for jobs that aren’t actually real. I shared it to friends on Facebook with these comments:

The number of times I’ve applied for jobs that have ended up being fake over the past year has been shocking, and seems to be an increasing trend. I’ve personally seen position descriptions for jobs that require specific experience only internal staff have, because they’ve already got an internal person in mind and are simply following the process they’re obliged to follow.

And of course there’s also the jobs I’ve applied for which have been advised to me are ‘market tests’, advertised simply to see if there’s any interest in a possible role that they’ve got no budget for yet. I’ve appreciated those agents that have told me to not waste my time, but always been angry at those agents pushing for your interest in a fake job so they can prove to their client that there is interest, and hopefully get them to create the job. It’s only after the client doesn’t go through with it that the agent advises my application was for a fake job.

It’s been a really frustrating time, trying to find work. It inspired me in February to try and create work instead, and I started my own web design business. But then yesterday I was inspired to find a boss I want to work with, instead of finding a job that I might not like. The result has been really exciting!

So I was inspired to do something to create the kind of change that I want. I worked on it into the night last night, going to bed around midnight, and then continued it today, until I was finally happy with it about mid afternoon.


All I need to do now is share it out to the world and have it go viral so that hundreds of excellent bosses can see it and decide they want to apply for the role of being my boss!

Please help me with this by sharing it out to the world!

Use Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr… I don’t care what you use, I just hope you can help me reach as many people as possible!

It would be awesome to be able to find a great and rewarding job by seeking a boss to apply for the role. It’s creative, it’s fresh, and it’s exciting to think about how this might turn out!

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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