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American IRS failed to prove tax liability

One of the biggest scandals of America is the power that the IRS has over the freedom of its people. Through intimidation and extortion and using the police force as its thugs to take property from people, the IRS has taken a lot of money and caused a lot of pain.

The Internal Revenue Service has lost a lawyer’s challenge in front of a jury to prove a constitutional foundation for the nation’s income tax, and the victorious attorney now is setting his sights higher.

“I think now people are beginning to realize that this has got to be the largest fraud, backed up by intimidation and extortion and by the sheer force of taking peoples property and hard-earned money without any lawful authorization whatsoever,” lawyer Tom Cryer told WND just days after a jury in Louisiana acquitted him of two criminal tax counts.

“There are three points that are important,” he told WND. “There’s no law making the average working man liable [for income taxes], there’s no law or regulation that allows the IRS to contend that earnings are 100 percent profit received in exchange for nothing, and the right to earn a living through any lawful occupation is a constitutionally protected fundamental right, and it is exempt from taxation.”

Spokesman Robert Marvin in Washington’s IRS office told WND the Internal Revenue Code provides for taxation on salaries or wages, but when pressed for a specific citation, or constitutional provision, he said, “I can’t comment.”

What is really fascinating, but not surprising, is that if you search Google for this news you’ll see hundreds of websites that talk about this story. In fact there’s 959 sites that talk about “Tom Cryer” IRS. However, if you search Google News for the same thing, you’ll find only 4 references to this story. And none of them from any mainstream news sources.

The truth is being suppressed by the media.

Update (29/7/07): I’ve just checked it again, and it’s gone up to 12,600. Nice! But Google News hasn’t changed, except to modify the 4 entries down to 2 under the default heading of ‘by relevence’. Change it to ‘sort by date’ and you’ll still get only 4 items.

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