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Angels and Demons

Chancelucky asked a question here: "…if demons are a manifestation of the energy we create around ourselves, I assume that implies that angels are as well. If so, are they really the same thing?"

No, I don't believe they are the same thing. For a start, while demons can be a personal manifestation of our own negativity, they can also be the manifestations of the negative energy of other people, throughout history. They exist as entities of a lower vibration, and drift around looking for similar energy to feed on. While they are attracted to those who 'glow brightest', feeding off their energy, they're also attracted to those who are of similar vibrations as themselves, who are weak enough to be defenceless to their influence.

The ones who 'glow brightly' are those people who are highly spiritual or highly positive, and they give off an energy that is attractive to these demons, which are also called by many spiritualists as 'lower astral entities'. If these positive people don't spiritually protect themselves in some way, they can find themselves beginning to form negative thoughts, feelings and ideas. A once-positive person could find themselves becoming a very negative, depressed person, due to the influence of these things.

Angels are a different story altogether. Angels are the same as us, but far more spiritually evolved, having moved beyond the realm of development we're going through. We are all 'angels in training', and some of us are angels to others, helping when someone is in need. When we've finished our spiritual development through multiple lives in this universe, we move on to become 'higher beings'. This can be as spirit guides, assisting those who are living on this planet, or as many other spiritual 'occupations', of which I know very little about. However, the 'pecking order' of spiritual growth has us becoming angels once we get to that level.

Interestingly, since spiritual reality is timeless, it means that 'the time that it takes to evolve' is irrelevent. Spiritual evolution in each of us has already occurred, and yet, is yet to occur. Outside of time there is no beginning, no end, and no inbetween. What you are going to become is already in existence. The angel that you are growing to be is the angel that already exists to somehow be of service. 😉 Where some people think that spirituality is about 'becoming one with God' (or whatever you want to call the creator of everything), the reality is that we're already one with God. Here's something else for you… According to the Bible, Jesus died on the cross in order to have our sins forgiven. This wasn't just for those people who had sinned up to that point, it was for all of humanity, throughout time. We can't be judged negatively – ever – because we've already been forgiven, as the forgiveness was made by a timeless being. But I digress…

Over here I wrote 'What is Hell?' Here's a quote from it:

Hell is simply a place we create for ourselves when we die, but is a creation that is a result of our own ignorance. When we die, if we think physical life is all there is, we will create that physical life in the next plane, the Lower Astral Plane. However, because that Plane is entirely dependent on thought and what is created there, all the physical negativity that is carried with us in life is created there by us in death.

What we fear the most becomes real. That's the Hell that we exist in when we don't know better.

But while many souls exist there, they still have the ability to heal. Their spirit guides and spirit friends are still working with them, trying to show them the truth. (Occasionally people in physical reality have the ability to make a connection with those 'lost' spirits, and help them to 'seek out the Light'.)

Existence in the different Planes is relative to the vibrational frequency we resonate at, as Spirit. On the physical plane, the lowest Plane of spiritual vibration, we have our Spirit aligned with our Ego, which is a requirement of physical existence. The Ego is what helps us survive in the physical world. It's a physical survival mechanism that has no place in higher Planes.

However, when we align more with our Ego than Spirit during our life, then the Ego, refusing to accept death, tries to continue life.

The Ego, now free of the laws of the physical world restraining the creations of thought, is able to create for itself all of those things it fears the most, thus justifying its' fears and continuing to keep the Spirit bound to the Lower Astral Plane.

That is Hell.

Once again, the only demons that exist are those we create – even those that might exist in Hell, which is also of our own creation.

So the difference between demons and angels is that demons are our own creations, feeding off the fears that created them, while angels are what we are yet to become. They can choose to show themselves to people, but usually only with good reason.

I've had an angel work with me (mentally), the same as my spirit guides did, providing me with guidance and information via a form of automatic writing. Working with me was, apparently, as worthwhile to him as it was to me, and that's why he was doing it. I've seen two angels standing on either side of a stall I was working at in a shopping centre, who were 'in the area' and decided to assist when I asked for protection. Those are the only two times I've known of where angels have been in my life.

Ultimately, demons are the manifested expression of our fears, while angels – and spirit guides, etc – are as real as us and are with us to help us grow.

Oh, and if you're wondering how an angel can be as real as you, when it's apparently invisible and doesn't exist in this physical world, just remember that the invisible air around us was once unknown and undetectable too. Plagues were once punishment from God/s, and now they're known by us as scientifically detectable bacteria. The point is, today's scientifically unproven beliefs might very well be scientifically proven tomorrow. We just don't know. To believe you know there is absolutely no such thing as a God or angels or demons is to be exactly the same as those people in history who believed the earth was flat and the centre of the universe.

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