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Anndion Lodge, Wanganui

When we went to Wanganui, we stayed at this very cool backpackers – the Anndion Lodge, run by… Ann and Dion. 🙂

They don’t make them like they used to, that’s for sure. And it’s great that they don’t! Backpackers used to be almost run-down, with the only available beds being in dormitories, sharing with everyone else. Now, some of them are actually better than hotels, with some awesome features being available, and being able to share it with pleasant company.

We loved it so much, I had to do a bit of a write-up about it. The room was a huge, with a King size bed, cupboards, and a huge ensuite bathroom which could fit two people in the shower, quite easily… 😉

The lounge room was extensive, split into two sections, with a full entertainment system as well as a pool table. If you put a video or DVD in, you could actually watch it from your bedroom on the tv in there, while anyone in the lounge room could watch TV or the same video/DVD.

As you can see, behind the second part of the lounge room, a hallway stretches away with lots of rooms off it. Our room was off behind another section, the dining room….

And then there was the kitchen, which was just HUUUGE! Everything that you could possibly want, was supplied. Not just the kitchen, but pretty much in every room of the place.

The kitchen had all the kitchen equipment and utensils you could need, along with dishwasher, fridge and freezer. The lounge room had the entertainment system as well as videos and DVDs, while the bedrooms (ours, at least) had full bedding supplied, TV, hairdryer for the ladies, mirrors, and the bathroom/s have showering supplies as well.

If you’re after a stay in Wanganui, I recommend you look ’em up. I’ve linked to their website at the top of this post. 🙂

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