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APEC in Sydney annoys me. A lot.

For anyone that doesn’t know, the leaders of the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) countries are going to be in Sydney from 2nd September. Here’s a few of the things that are really annoying the hell out of me at the moment.

Pm blames violent protesters for tough APEC security

This annoys me because there haven’t been any protests yet, and already everyone who’s against the protests is making it clear that they’ll be violent. How do they know there’s going to be violence unless they are going to make the violence happen?

The police have gone on record that they will be tough on protesters, using various tactics including water cannons. They are labelling protesters as ‘radicals’, even though these protesters include school groups (the police have officially advised parents that they cannot guarantee the safety of any children protesting), bicycle riders who are annoyed they can’t ride where they want to, and human rights movements. ‘Radicals.’

We also have to take into account that the police may decide to engage in violence against the protesters, to prevent any alleged violence from occurring. Right… Had you heard recently that the police in Canada admitted that they disguised themselves as protesters to provoke the crowd and instigate violence. If they can do that there, why can’t they do that here? There’s nothing stopping them, of course. It seems to be a valid tactic of police these days…

We WILL see violence next month in Sydney, but I’m convinced it won’t be because of the protesters, it’ll be because of the police.

Something else that annoys the hell out of me is the ‘free speech zones’ in America. You now only have the right to free speech in designated zones. These are usually well out of the way of where you want your free speech to be heard. We’re now in the process of seeing the same thing demanded in Australia – by those who are against free speech, of course.

Of course, it’s apparentl an ‘honour’ for Australia to host the APEC convention, which is going to cost the Australia taxpayer about AU$400 million. What are Australians going to see for their money? Apparently nothing. Wherever these APEC people are going, Australians are not invited, and will in fact be forcibly removed.

The entire CBD of Sydney will be closed down for 10 days. There will be a wall placed around it, so no one can get in who isn’t authorised to get in. There will be over 5000 law enforcement officials patrolling the streets, including snipers on rooftops. New laws have been implemented that give law enforcement officials the power to arrest anyone they consider suspicious (a perception that’s entirely subjective), and to hold them for the duration of the event without charge and without bail.

Bondi Beach will be closed one Sunday while the APEC wives have lunch at a restaurant there. Animals from Taronga Zoo are going to be relocated to a private area, for chrissakes, so that the APEC wives don’t have to mingle with the commoners in order to see the animals. There are going to be fireworks on Sydney Harbour – but the Australian people are told they should stay away, even though they’re paying for it. I’m sure arrests will be made there too.

All of this at taxpayers’ expense, of course.

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