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Are you a wimp around women?

Why do so many men act like wimps around women?There’s a lot of men in this world who act like absolute wimps around women (maybe you’re one of them?). Why do they do this? Mainly for the simple reason that they believe that by being nice, they’ll be liked by the woman they’re interested in.
Most of these men haven’t learnt or understood that it’s more important to make a woman be attracted to them, than to make her like them. ‘Attraction’ creates chemistry which leads onto intimate relationships, while ‘like’ creates friendships or nothing at all.

Some of these men are proud of their wimpiness. They’re proud of how sweet, thoughtful, loving and clingy they are. They think this is exactly how women want them to be, so the more they see themselves doing what they think she likes, the happier they are.

The only problem is, she’s not attracted to that.

So how does a man stop being a wimp?

Most people don’t like being told that what they’ve been doing most of their lives is wrong. Therefore, before a man decides to stop being a wimp he needs to understand that being a wimp actually makes women run away from him. Once he understands this, he’ll find it easier to get rid of his wimpiness.

What’s the biggest mistake a man can make?

The biggest mistake is to be predictable. This has to stop. Being predictable only creates boredom.
To help avoid being predictable, you need to do only two things.

  1. Always be looking out for the patterns in your life that kill attraction.
  2. Once you become aware of those patterns, do something different.

That’s it. That’s all you need to do to avoid being predictable. She’ll love you for it!

Why shouldn’t you be a wimp?

Well, firstly, it’s not good for your self esteem. You deny your strength and your potential by being a wimp. In the process of trying to be liked by women, you become like women. Women have other women for those friendships or relationships. They want you to be a man, to stand up for yourself, to do the things you want to do, and to not take any shit from anyone. (You can do this without being violent too. They don’t want a violent man, just a man who demands – and gives – respect.)

They want you to have some self respect. That’s the difference between a man and a wimp. When you can respect yourself, you’ll get their respect too.

No one respects a wimp.

What do you do now?

Look at your life and those things that you do to try and please women. Stop doing them! She’ll be more pleased by you doing what pleases you. That’s all. It’s as simple as that.

That’s why all those ‘bad boys’ get all the hot chicks, because they’re doing what pleases them. The women have to fit in with their life, not the other way round. They respect themselves and they demand respect. They prove themselves to be the kind of man that a woman wants to be with. He has potential to fulfill her.

Use this to your advantage. Be a man and you’ll get the women wanting to be with you. Then you can take your pick of any of them. Make sure you choose the one who gives you everything you need.

Just remember to be respectful, to yourself and to her, and you’ll go far.

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