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Bird Flu pandemic preparations

At work I’ve been made responsible for preparing the service desk’s Bird Flu pandemic plan.  This is quite amusing to me because I consider the whole Bird Flu to be a hoax, but it’s also quite interesting to me because if the Bird Flu does happen, I’m the one responsible for the plan that my work will be using to continue providing service to customers, as well as ensuring the safety of the employees.

There’s quite a lot involved, as you’d imagine.  The enforcment of ‘social distancing’ for a start, where no one is allowed to stand closer than a metre from each other, no touching of anyone else, and no gatherings of groups of people.  The staff kitchen will be closed, and enforcement of hygiene will become an issue.  There’ll be signs and people ensuring that hands are washed in the toilet, medical checks, all kinds of things.  Core personnel will work at home with resources provided to them to continue working, while those that aren’t core staff will be required to still come to work unless sick or dead.  🙂

I’m quite excited by it, to be honest with you.  It’s a very interesting project to be given and to work on, and I’m hoping I’ll be, in some way, responsible for managing it if it ever becomes needed.

A rumour: I might be going to Sydney for work in the next month or so.  No details yet as to why, or when, or for how long, as I don’t know.  But more information will be coming, as I get it.

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