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Birthday party

My friend Vicki had her birthday on November 15th, while mine was November 29th. We were unable to organise a joint party for in between those dates, so we organised it for 3rd December. That’s tomorrow night. It’s a joint birthday / christmas party, as it seemed like a good time to combine the whole lot, especially since Deidre and I are going away IN ONE WEEK, so we won’t be able to do any christmas parties either. I’ll have more of an update on Sunday.

The last time I had a party was for my 31st. Eight years ago. I had 28 people turn up to it, which wasn’t bad considering I invited 30. I’m not one for parties, as you can probably tell, since my last one was 8 years ago, and so the only reason I’m having this party is because of Deidre and Vicki. They both like celebrating parties and special occasions, so I’m doing it for them.

Which isn’t a bad thing! For so many years, I didn’t have anyone special in my life to share the good – and the bad – times with, so it’s pretty exciting to be able to celebrate it with Deidre now.

I’ve been looking for that ‘special someone’ to share my life with, and now that we’re together, I’ll celebrate for any reason!

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