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Blink List and tag clouds

Over at Blink List, I've been working on tagging my site with all kinds of various tags related to all the posts on my blog. As a result of what I've been doing, I now have a tag cloud over there, which looks like this:

What I've found very exciting is the 'weighting' of tags. What this means is that the more stuff you have tagged with a particular word, the larger is the text of that tag. And the 'heavier' it is, the larger it gets, and it becomes more colourful too.

In relation to what I've done, I've tagged all of this year's blog entries on this site, and you can see very easily and quickly what this site is mainly about.

What I've been searching for, dear reader, is the means of showing a tag cloud on this site, to use it as a navigation tool, as well as a categorisation tool. A tidy, colourful and exciting way of organising content to reflect what I find interesting.

Here's where it's even more exciting. I may soon have a means of displaying such a tag cloud!

I'm not going to say any more at this stage, but keep an eye out for it.

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