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Blog Review: Chancelucky

Title: Chancelucky

Description: "I've written for many years and see this as a way to both get what I write to the world wide web at large and to encourage myself to write on a regular basis…"

I remember Chancelucky making a comment on one of my entries at my old Eyes On The World site. In fact, I think he was the first ever person to make a comment on my site! I figured that anyone who likes what I write about can't be all that bad!

Chancelucky is interested in American politics. Can't blame him really, as he is an American. His interest, and wacky sense of perspective, has allowed him to even apparently create his own political and religious idealogy that he calls Theobertarianism. Try saying that 4 times quickly! It's his unique perspective and creative mind that keeps me reading his entries. Not all of them are interesting, but how many can claim all their entries are? I know some of mine are downright boring!

His best post, in my limited experience of reading his blog, was where he delved into his past, talking about his childhood and the accursed fortune cookies. One of the best posts I've read on any blog.

Keep up the good work!

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