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Blog Review: mimi in NY

Title: mimi in NY

Description: 40 countries, 12 boats, 37 flights, 46 assholes and 6 months later… Writing for The Village Voice, avoiding Bill O'Reilly and campaigning for immigrants whilst musing on anal sex and pissing off the religious right.

Mimi, as the author of this blog calls herself, is an illegal immigrant in the US, having come over from the UK. She's been trying to find ways of legalising her stay in America, becoming a citizen. It hasn't been going according to plan. While she's been there and doing this, she's been writing about her 'adventures'. And what adventures they are.

Not just with her beaureacratic adventures around immigration, but also her adventures in life. She's a writer, and so she's done a bit of travelling around; around the world, and around America. She's used her writing skills to relate her experiences concerning travel, immigration, sex, stripping and exotic dancing.

To support herself in America she's been an exotic dancer, dancing on the inside of the seedy underlife that New York City seems to be founded on. This is probably why the site is so popular, as people keep on coming back to read about her sexual and exotic – not to mention erotic – misadventures in various stripper bars.

Lately her writing has been verging on the darker, more depressing side of things, where there is a large hint of desperation and sadness. Not to mention bitterness. She's been fighting a battle, and it looks like the darkness is winning.

Being a writer however, means that the reader is left wondering: is it real, or just a fictional story created for the promotion of the writer? We may never know, but the story is worth coming back to.

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