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Blogging for personal growth

Steve Pavlina has a new article on Blogging for Personal Growth, which I’ll just touch on a few points here. Read the rest of the article at Steve’s blog, where he talks about how blogging may be one of the best tools of personal growth.

  • Courage – sharing yourself publicly builds courage
  • Giving Hope – what you blog about can give others hope
  • Motivation – helping others can be a better motivation than just helping yourself
  • Self-Assessment – blogging can help you develop a more honest self-assessment
  • Self Esteem – helping others builds your own self esteem
  • Connection – blogging is predominantly a social experience
  • Transforming existing relationships – blogging helps strengthen both online and offline relationships
  • Self-Expression – you can instantly self-publish whatever you want
  • Accountability – you are accountable for the impact of your words on your readers
  • Contribution – you can make a difference in other people’s lives
  • Synergy – relationships develop between you, the blogger, and your blog readers
  • Income – monetizing your blog brings you money
  • Marketing – your blog automatically notifies people and websites that it’s been updated

Please visit Steve’s site to read further detail with each point. Well worth the read.

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