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I've been enjoying seeing a lovely Japanese lady (Wakana). She hasn't been in NZ long, so English is still a little difficult for her. While I'm enjoying spending time with her and getting to know her, I'm also enjoying learning a lot about Japanese customs and traditions.

There's a new trend on the internet – weblogs. Or 'blogs' for short. There's an entire world I just stumbled upon a couple days ago. Bloggers spend a lot of time blogging every day, working on their blogs. Sheesh! I was concerned that maybe I had become a blogger without even realising it, but to my relief I eventually found out that I was still the 'writer of an online journal'. Phew!

Apparently blogs are written about external events in the life of a blogger. For example, they write about the kinds of sandwiches they had for lunch, and how much time they spent at the gym, and about their shopping lists, etc etc.

Online journalists, on the other hand, write about what happens inside their mind, rather than what they had for lunch. They talk about how something affected them emotionally, and use it to help them grow in some manner. They write to explore the depths of their souls, while bloggers write to apparently be noticed by others. Blogs last only months, it seems, while online journals last years.

I am SO happy I'm not a blogger.

I think the term is stupid.

I'm looking at exploring the depths of my soul for many, many years. This is a journey of my life and who I am. I am not Alan Howard – that is just a name to help identify me to others. Nor am I this journal.

I am the consciousness that is aware.

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