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Blogspot security problems!

I’m really getting annoyed with blogspot.com at the moment. Not only am I haunted by this evil need of blogspot’s to input a security code every single fracking time I make a post or comment on my own blog, but it also seems as if I’ve got only a few seconds to make a post or comment and enter the anti-spam security code. If I take longer than a few seconds, then it tells me I entered the wrong code and I should try again.


Is anyone else having similar problems?

UPDATE: I’ve done a bit of research, and it seems that the reason I’ve got these problems is because the automated system of blogspot.com seems to think that I’m a spam blog (splog). I’ve sent them an email, and they’ll apparently review my site to make sure it’s not a splog, and fix it so I don’t have the problem any more. 😀

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