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Car repairs

xr6t_smallI’m sitting at the service centre while they’re taking photos of my car, using my iPhone to write this.

Back in 2007, shortly after getting my car, I noticed a scratch on the passenger side rear door. I was immediately pissed off at car parks and people opening their door into mine.

By mid 2008 I saw that it had seemed to get worse. I was wondering why a scratch seemed to be getting worse, but thought nothing more of it.

Then late 2008 I noticed one of my friends about to get into the car and I just happened to be on the passenger side as well. What the hell? The mark was in perfect alignment with the edge if the front passenger door.

I did a quick check, and sure enough… Every time the rear passenger door opened, it impacted slightly against the edge of the front door. My car was damaging itself!

So I took it to a nearby Ford service centre, and those fuckers wanted to deny responsibility, saying it COULD have been someone repeatedly opening their car door against mine. I will never go back to them again, as it was the most recent incident if incredibly bad service from them, and I tell everyone I can to stay away from them.

So I went to another Ford branch here and they were extremely helpful, accepting ownership of the problem and wanting to organize repairs.

So I’m sitting here now while they take photos and organize quotes to get it repaired and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

I feel a lot happier now!

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