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Changes with blogging and life

I woke up yesterday with a flash of inspiration to change the appearance of this blog. I realised that if I was going to be more successful at the things I want to do, I have to start with the vehicle for those things. That’s this. This is the vehicle for my future, as I travel into it.

Blogging and the internet is where it’s at for me. There’s a lot of possibilities and opportunities available for realising success via the internet, and there’s a lot of people already doing it. I’ve been extremely slow in picking up the ball, but now I’m running with it.

So I’ve moved to the next step, upgrading the appearance and preparing for the professionalism and success building. 😉

And it coincides with changes happening inside of me, emotionally. Reading the book and doing the Breakthrough Experience with Peter recently was invaluable. It’s helped me see emotional aspects of myself in a healthier way. You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about.

The Breakthrough Experience teaches that what we see outside of ourselves is a reflection of what’s inside of us. What we hate or love in others has its reflection in us. It also teaches that those things which ‘push our buttons’ or ‘trigger’ us to react in certain ways are experiences that can teach us something about ourselves.

If, that is, we’re open to learning about ourselves and overcoming preconceived notions and judgements.

Which leads me onto what I’ve learnt today. The style of writing I’ve been doing for the past few years has been highly judgemental about others. I thought that I was being ‘controversial’, and ‘exercising my opinion’, and that if people had a problem with what I wrote then it was a reflection of themselves, and not me. It was them with the problem, and I was bringing it to their attention by writing about it. If they got upset about it, then I was doing my ‘job’ properly, by pressing their buttons.

But it’s been saying something about me as well. It’s been pointing out to me how judgemental I am. What I write about, in regards to my frustrations, are simply reflections of myself.

One of my pet hates is injustice. Examples of injustice anywhere around the world really gets me jumping up and down on my bandwagon. So what does my frustration about injustice reflect about me?

Well, a big example that comes to mind is… my attitude to others has not been ‘just’. My dealings with others have themselves been a form of injustice. I have not been fair, respectful, loving or caring about the feelings of those I don’t know. And often even those I DO know. The injustice against others that frustrates me is a reflection of the injustice I share with them.

The Breakthrough Experience helps people find the balance in their experiences and emotions. It helps them understand that for everything we experience, there’s another side to it, and understanding that we have to own it.

People often try to be very positive, but in doing so, they ignore the negative.

The light fights the darkness, and yet darkness only exists because of light. A lit room has light, but when you flick the switch, you are left with darkness. They are equal and opposite, and one needs the other to exist.

People, in trying to ignore the negative, are trying to ignore what can never be ignored. And in doing so, they are ‘denying’ parts of themselves that exist regardless. They think that ‘negativity’ and negative emotions are bad, and shouldn’t be practiced, and yet without the negative experiences, we wouldn’t know what the positives are. We MUST have negativity in our lives in order to have POSITIVITY.

So we have to own everything that we experience. We have to accept all those things about ourselves which, for one reason or another, we don’t want to. We have to see that other people’s anger is a reflection of our own anger, which we might be suppressing. Other people’s frustrations are our own frustrations, which we might be ignoring.

When we can see ourselves in others, we can move away from the judgements, from feeling that we are better than others. We can see that we are no more or better than anyone else, and whatever we see in someone else is simply something that we are seeing about ourselves.

So the changes that I’m experiencing are about that. I’m learning more about myself by seeing my reflection in others. I’ll be changing the way I write as a result of this. I’ll still express the things I feel like expressing, but I’ll be more aware of what it’s saying about me, and what I can learn from my own expressions. I’ll still push other people’s buttons and be controversial on occasions, but I’ll own it as what it’s saying about me, rather than saying, “You’re the one with the problem, not me.”

Any problems I see in others are problems I share in some way. That’s gotta change how I write, I’m sure. 🙂

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