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Christmas Day 2005

I’m sitting here on a beach after having spent xmas day with Deidre and a bunch of her mum’s side of the family. It was… interesting.

There were all ages, from 9 years old up to 80 years old. Or maybe not that old, but close to it! One of her uncles regaled me with stories of his time in the army and in Vietnam. Oh, and the food and drinks were great!

For the past week or so I’ve had this vision playing out in my head of a spiritual centre. It has a large room for people to have group meetings, meditations, or to simply relax. It has a number of rooms that are used by various people for massage, reiki, reflexology, psychic readings, etc etc. It has a room – or rooms – used as a library of spiritually related books, containing new and secondhand books on various spiritual and new age topics, as well as music and audio material. It acts as a spiritual community centre, allowing people to come together and find ways of healing and growth. There’s also a large garden area, like a Japanese or Chinese garden, that will allow people to find relaxing, secluded spots under the trees and meditate in front of the small stream and waterfalls.

This is my vision. It’s not a new idea, as there are already a number of such places here and there. There isn’t, however, anything like it in Wellington or Canberra, as far as I know. There is in Adelaide, where I received the reiki, and where I received the inspiration for this vision, to do it myself.

I’m thinking of starting something in Wellington, then moving to Canberra and starting another one. I don’t see why I can’t have two such centres at the same time, and when I do well with both, I could even ‘franchise’ the idea out for others to do. Imagine one or a few in lots of large towns and cities around the countries.

Yes, this will change my life. Yes, this will be my new ‘career’. I don’t know how long it will take, but I’m looking at making it substantial by the end of 2006.

I’m setting the energy in motion, starting the process of this becoming a reality.

“If you build it, they will come.”

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