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Compromising positions

I worked the graveyard shift on Saturday morning, from midnight to 8am, so that the guy who normally does it could go out and get drunk at the pub crawl sponsored by work. At around 3am, I received a call from the wife of one of my colleagues/friends, wanting to know where he was. I told her I hadn't seen him. She called again at 4, and again at 5. At around 6am, he turned up drunk, wanting to get into the building so that he could sleep his drunkennes off. I told him his wife had been calling every hour for him, but his response was 'she'll be right mate'. He went upstairs to have a sleep, after agreeing that I'd take him home when I finished at 8. His wife rang again around 6:30, and I told her he was upstairs asleep, and that I'd get him to call her when he woke up. She rang again at 7:30, and I told her he hadn't woken up yet. At 8, I went upstairs to grab him and take him home.

That's when I found him in the sickroom with one of our other workmates, doing the deed! (The deed being sex, of course!) Needless to say, I was rather surprised to open the door, thinking he'd be there sleeping by himself, and finding two naked people going hard at it! Argh!

He wasn't too perturbed, and said he wasn't going home and to call his wife and tell her he was still asleep and wasn't going anywhere and that he'd call her when he woke up. I called him an idiot and then went off to call her. She wasn't happy at all (naturally!) and so she said she was coming in straight away to pick him up and take him home.

So I went back upstairs, knocking on the door and telling him his wife was on his way there now, and he'd better get his arse downstairs quick smart. Then I went home.

I had coffee with him yesterday afternoon, to catch up on events leading up to and since then. I learnt all about what had happened to lead up to the point I found him, and that his wife, while angry at him for not calling, was blissfully ignorant.

I thought about being an extortionist, and joked with him about how I could rake in a tidy little profit for the rest of my life… *grin* But instead, I'd just be happy to call him an idiot. We spoke about his 2-month marriage to the woman he's been with for over 7 years, his past 'exploits', and other random acts of idiocy. I told him to be a good boy from now on, but I'm sure he won't.

Some people just don't deserve the good women they're with.

Speaking of good women…

Things are still going extremely nicely with 'princess' and I. It's been almost a month now, and we're just moving along nice and slowly and nicely.

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