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Connecting On Purpose

granddaughter & grandmother...!!!I went to a seminar on the weekend in Sydney, to ‘find my Purpose’. I’m quite passionate in my life about helping people grow, but wanted some clarity on how I’m meant to do that, so off I went to the seminar.

I got a lot more than I expected.

As soon as I first saw her I thought there was something special about her, but when she smiled and sat down next to me and introduced herself, I was surprised. There were a lot of vacant chairs and other people in the room…

So we introduced ourselves and chatted a bit before the seminar started. Then we had lunch together, and that was pretty cool, with some deep and meaningful conversations shared. Then back to the seminar, before heading our separate ways after it finished for the day.

The next day (day two of the seminar) it was more of the same as we sat next to each other again, but lunch together was even more special, if it could be described that way.

After the seminar finished, I gave her a lift to her place and then we went out for dinner.  We shared a bit more about our lives with each other, enjoying each other’s company at a Thai restaurant, before I dropped her off (exchanging phone numbers) and drove back to Canberra.

On the way I received a text from her with her email address.  I replied thanking her, and said it was ‘fantastic to meet you again’.  She replied saying she looks forward to knowing me again as well.

I’m excited and yet apprehensive about what the future means! As usual, my journey continues.

I found a connection with someone special, at a seminar to find my purpose. Fascinating.

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