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Creating your reality without fear

What holds most of us back from achieving our goals and dreams is fear. Fear of the unknown, of failure, of rejection, and even of success itself, because of a fear of the responsibilities that success would bring. We find all manner of fears to justify not moving forward on our goals.

These fears prevent us from using the Law of Attraction to attract what we want. Even though we might do our very best to manifest the things that we really want, we never get them. Why not? Because of our fears.

Here’s some tips to help you recognise your fears and then get them out of the way, so that they can stop interfering with what you really want.

Understanding the whole package

First, imagine that what you want to manifest is already in your life. Instead of thinking about it happening in the future, imagine that you’re currently living it. Take a few minutes to imagine it and make it as real as possible.

If your intention is to manifest a nice house, then imagine living in it, right now. How does it feel? What are you doing in your new house? What are people saying to you now that you’ve got your new house? Take a few minutes to make this as real as possible. Imagine the smells, the colours, and the feelings.

Now consider the side effects of having what you’ve manifested. How will it affect your health, finances, relationships, career and spiritual practices? How do others treat you now that you have it? In what ways does having it change you or those around you? Everything that changes causes changes around it, so try to imagine how the manifesting of your desires causes change around you and within you.

Don’t make it idealistic, as that defeats the purpose of this exercise. Instead, imagine the most realistic scenarios you possibly can. Include what you know of the people around you, your health, career, finances, etc. How will the manifestation of your desires impact upon them? Everything we want to manifest carries with it a lot of side effects, which we often fail to take into account.

If you spend at least 10 minutes doing this exercise, you’ll quickly understand what else may result from the manifestation of your desires. If the side effects of your manifested desires are unrealistic, then your intentions will fail, because deep down you know they’re not going to happen.

To have our intentions manifest, we need to understand and accept everything about them.

Discovering the fears that sabotage our intentions

When you start considering the side effects of your intentions, you’ll notice some resistance. Some parts of what you visualise will seem fantastic, while others will be less than desirable. As an example, if your intention is to manifest that new house of your dreams even though you know that your spouse hates the kind of house you want, then you’re going to feel some resistance about manifesting it. You want the house, but not the side effects.

Anything undesirable that comes up for you is a pointer to your fears. That’s what you need to look at.

What holds you back from achieving your intentions are those fears. Using the example of a spouse that won’t like your dream house, we can see that it’s the fear of how you think they might react that holds you back. Even though you want this house with all your heart, and you visualise everything about it, in the back of your mind might be the fear that your spouse is just going to hate it.

It’s the fear of this happening that prevents you from achieving your desires. Your fears and desires both exist in your consciousness, and therefore there’s an internal conflict that results in the failure of your desires to manifest in your life.

As you explore the possible side effects of your manifested desires, make sure you note down those side effects that you resist, or which cause negative feelings in you. Anything that comes up as a possible negative aspect of your manifested desire should be written down in a list. Write it down! This is so you have something substantial that you can work with over time, and which you won’t forget.

It only needs one fear to keep your intentions from manifesting. Understanding what your fears are is an important step in moving past them.

Learning acceptance

In order to manifest our desires we need to eliminate the fears that conflict with the intentions. When the fears are gone, the intentions will have nothing stopping them from manifesting into your life. If you don’t address the fears, however, then it doesn’t matter how much visualisation you do or strength of will you have, your desires are not going to manifest.

One of the simplest ways of addressing your fears is to accept your fears. Turn the fears into a consequence and accept them as part of your life. For example, if you accept that your spouse isn’t going to like the house of your dreams, but at least it’s much better than what you have now, then you’ve turned the fear into a consequence. The consequence of you living in your dream house is that it will be better than what you’re in now.

A fear is an outcome you resist, while a consequence is an outcome you accept.

When you fear some of the side effects of a desire, then you are effectively resisting the desire. There is a subconscious intention for the desire NOT to manifest, which outweighs the conscious desire for it TO manifest. When you turn the fear into an acceptance, then that allow your desires to manifest.

If you aren’t ready to accept those consequences, then you aren’t ready to manifest those desires.

Work on each of your fears one by one, by acknowledging them as fears and then accepting them as consequences. They might not be consequences that actually occur, but if you accept them instead of resisting them, then you can create positive beliefs that will replace the fear. This means that you take the same consequence and find a way to interpret it as positive instead of negative.

The process of doing this does require a lot of very deep self-analysis, which might take some time. Don’t expect overnight results. However, in order to move past those fears which are holding you back from achieving your desires, you do need to engage in these exercises.

Manifest your desires by dealing with your fears. You’ll never regret it.

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