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Yesterday someone contacted me for a survey about online dating. I responded to their survey questions and gave a few thoughts about online dating, in relation to my own experiences in the past.

Since then, I've been thinking about something that I read a while ago, and which I may have commented on here about (or I could be confusing it with talking about it to one of my online friends).

I've been thinking about recording my own dating experiences. Recording the events, my feelings, whatever funny might have happened, and so on. Maybe things I learn, etc.

Some of my 'fans' of this journal are women that I've dated, had relationships with, or just talked about it with, but are all now friends of mine.

To you, I say this – the possibility exists that anything I say in this journal from now on may be something you find hurtful or offensive, so if you think you may be hurt or offended, please stop reading now. All of you know where you stand in my life, and for one reason or another, either have been with me in a failed relationship, or can't be with me at the moment, and are now my friends. Either way, life goes on, and this is part of my life.

You're my friends because I value you in my life, but while I understand you may be offended or hurt by the fact that I'm going to date other women and talk about it, life does go on. I have to live my life, and move forward, and this journal is a reflection of my life and those things that I want to talk about.

I'm doing this journal for myself, to express my feelings, and to grow from what I talk about and learn from. Along the way, I've built up a number of friends who have joined me in this journey, and are interested in how I write about the experiences of my life.

However, actually writing about my dating experiences could be disturbing to some of you, and for that I apologise (it's why I've kept it to myself in the past). But the responsibility is on you to stay away from potentially being disturbed by what I write. 😯

I'm going to start straight away, and keep a journal of my experiences with dating, online or otherwise. Cheesy

Why? Because I can. Because it's part of my life.

I'm taking the time to 'warn' those of you who may be offended because I care about you, and I care that you might be hurt by what I describe about my life. Please stay away from the 'dating journal' section if that's the case, but if you do read it – that's your choice, and don't blame me for what you might find in there.

I've reached that point again – or for the first time – where I don't need someone in my life, and am completely enjoying my own company. Where I've really wanted to be with someone special in the past, now I'm just wanting to enjoy what life brings me. The company of a special woman would be nice again, rather than rejected, and so now I'm going to start recording my experiences to that effect.

I guess it'll stop when I start seeing someone exclusively, since I won't be dating then.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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