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Democracy in action

Democracy was the election process that gave approval for the elected government to engage in actions you, as an individual, might disprove of. You probably didn’t even vote for this government. However, it’s the will of the people in action.

You assume people want the same as you? They don’t. Otherwise they’d be rioting in the streets, just like you want to riot in the streets. But I don’t see them doing that, and I don’t see you doing that. Therefore, your lack of action tells me you’re ultimately happy with how things are.

Complaining about it on Facebook means nothing, and just tells me you’re not really interested in getting up out of your chair to do anything meaningful, therefore your complaints on Facebook are a complete waste of everyone’s time and energy.

Go hug a tree. You’ll feel better. And the rest of us won’t have to listen to your meaningless, passive noise.

If you really want to impress me, go organise a riot. And do it every month until you get the change you want.

Alternatively, you could do what Gandhi did, and just be the change you want to see. I’d be impressed with that too.

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