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Do you respect the police?

A long time ago I used to be a tv news and documentary cameraman. I was involved in this documentary about homeless kids and their relationship with police in a particular area, and both sides were interviewed. One of the interviews with a cop was sobering.

He explained that cops are people just like everyone else, but doing the things no one else ever does – or ever sees. He explained how difficult it is to attend a vehicle accident where a mum and dad have been turned into mincemeat and he has to keep the 4 year old girl in the back seat calm while she’s missing her lower jaw until the ambulance gets there, and then he has to go home to his own family at the end of his shift and pretend it’s just been another normal day at work, while also having to deal with the general public who hate him while not understanding a thing about what he has to do.

I’ve never forgotten his words, and I probably never will, and for this reason have always had respect for the police. I understand there’s a few here and there who are abusive, but considering the pressure they’re under, I understand why. I don’t condone it, and I hope one day they end up getting punished for their actions, but I understand.

When people speed or do stupid things that endanger the lives of themselves or other people, I understand why cops can get overly zealous, considering that they’ve seen the same behaviour in other people that’s ended up with people getting significantly injured or killed. And it’s those cops who have to clean up the mess, and tell relatives they’re never seeing their loved one again.

I do my best to drive safely. I don’t want to be a mess some other human being has to clean up. I don’t want to be the cause of injury or death of someone else because I thought I had the right to speed or run a red light. We all should understand the consequences. It’s not just a fine we’re risking. It’s life.

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