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Donald Trump will be President

If you didn’t know that Donald Trump has been campaigning to become President of the US, then you’re probably an alien that’s hanging out here on Earth and doesn’t care about such trivial matters. But for the rest of you, based on all reports, you don’t believe Trump can become President.

There were a lot of people writing amazing articles about all the reasons Trump would crash and burn and fail to get any public support in the primaries. Against all expectations, they were wrong. One by one, Trump destroyed every one of the other Republican contenders.

It’s likely that at the upcoming Republican National Convention in July he’ll be endorsed as the Republican nominee for President. This is when the real election campaign begins, with Trump against the Democrats. At the time of writing it’s likely to be Hillary Clinton, but Bernie Sanders may still be a Democrat contender. We’ll soon see.

There’s a few people (like Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert) who have stated their belief that Trump will win by a landslide. There’s plenty of others who thought there’s absolutely no way Trump could succeed with the primaries and become a Republican nominee. They’re shocked by the result so far.

I’ve been absolutely fascinated by what’s going on. As usual, there’s plenty of lies and misinformation coming from the media and those who oppose Trump, but it’s refreshing for me to see that the public is choosing Trump instead of ‘the establishment’.

And that’s what this is really all about. The people vs the establishment, with Trump being the figurehead for all those who are pissed off with the status quo over the past few decades. There’s been very little change between Clinton, Bush and Obama, and the people are getting sick to death of it.

Trump is a ‘master persuader’, using persuasion and manipulation techniques he’s learned from his many years in sales and business. He wrote a very successful book called ‘The Art of the Deal’, in which he details how to succeed in sales and persuasion.

He’s using his mastery of these techniques on the entire country, and 99% of people don’t know it.

As Scott Adams calls it, most people – and politicians – operate on a 2D level, whereas Trump is operating on a much deeper 3D level. Instead of working with logic and rational discussions, he’s working with people’s emotions and what they identify with. It has a far greater chance of success.

And he’s being very successful with his strategy.

I love watching multi-dimensional manipulation in action. I can see what he’s doing with generating outrage, and I laugh at the craziness he’s creating in his opponents. What’s even more hilarious is that in their attempt to discredit or ridicule Trump, they’re trying to use his own comments against him, not realising that he’s got them promoting him instead of promoting themselves. Hilarious!

Trump is going to be the next President of America. And I’m going to laugh and laugh when it happens.

Of course, I could be wrong. He might not be the next President. He might end up losing. In which case the system is rigged and ‘the establishment’ engineered a result that prevented him from taking away their power.

What are your thoughts?

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