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Dropping the speed limit in the CBD to 30 kmh

How the FRACK can they justify dropping the speed limit that affects the entire city, just because one stupid fracking woman, last year, stepped in front of a bus and got her dumb arse killed.

You see, accidents are relatively few and far between within the CBD. Most people are relatively safe and responsible. I say 'relatively', because obviously there's a few idiots here and there. But generally, we don't get accidents. And then this stupid woman, without looking, steps in front of a bus and gets herself killed.

The justification, of course, is that if the speed limit is lowered, then the vehicle is either likely to stop before hitting the pedestrian, or the pedestrian won't be severely hurt by the accident.

Well, I've got another idea. We could get rid of cars within the CBD altogether, so that we can avoid anyone ever getting hurt by vehicles within the CBD. Surely that's about the same as reducing the speed limit to almost the same speed as if you were fracking walking!

Dumbarses! Not only are dumbarses responsible for being too dumb to look where they're going and avoid moving traffic, but dumbarses are responsible for inconveniencing an entire fracking city because once, some time ago, some dumbarse of a woman was too fracking stupid to look where she was going.

I'm surrounded by dumbarses, and it annoys the hell outta me…

UPDATE 8 Nov 2005:
My sincerest apologies. I forgot to place the link to the news story.

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