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“Your post was not shared. Please try again.”

I’ve found that there’s a problem somewhere in the backend of my blog that prevents blog posts from being shared on Google+. When I try to share to G+ I get the following result:



You can see the message: “Your post was not shared. Please try again.”

I’ve been trying for days!!

Today I tried to fix it, but I haven’t been successful.

First, I tried to find if it’s a known error and what a solution might be. Turns out that it’s a common error but no one knows what the problem is. Google Help staff have no idea, and there’s a lot of people who are stuck with this problem with no known solution.

So then I spent most of today doing a lot of troubleshooting with my blog and various themes.

I found out that I only had this problem with the theme that I’m currently using (Ghostium), but the theme doesn’t have the same problem on the provider’s website. I can share there perfectly fine.

I also know that I’ve been able to share perfectly fine up until recently, so it’s likely to be a change I made somewhere that’s causing this problem.

In fact, thinking about it now as I’m writing, it probably started happening after I got rid of Facebook and focused on Google+ integration instead.

I’m going to try something… I’ll be right back.

Well, that didn’t work. I just spent another hour troubleshooting the Google+ code that shares the posts, but it didn’t work. But I think I’m on the right track though. There’s a conflict occurring somewhere with Google+ coding.

I’ll keep trying tomorrow. It’s bedtime now….

By the way. This post is less than my daily 500 word minimum, but I don’t care. This problem I’m trying to fix has taken up all my mental processing ability, so I haven’t had any available headspace to write about anything else.

We’ll see how tomorrow turns out…

Update: 29 Dec 2013

Part 2 of this issue continues in Problems are opportunities for growth


Update: 8 May 2014

I had someone else contact me for some further information about this today, and then they shared how they resolved the problem for themselves.

But first, if you don’t want to click on the link above about ‘problems being opportunities for growth’, you should know that I fixed this by eventually finding out that my problem was a result of customising my blog theme and removing some CSS code in the footer. It was fixed by rolling back the customisation I’d done, and reverting the relevant code back to original.

If you play with CSS code, you might end up breaking something.

The person who contacted me today and eventually fixed it themselves found that their WordPress theme’s authorship information conflicted with Google+. Once they removed the relevant section of their theme, it worked again.

I hope this has been of help to you! Please contact me if you have any feedback or updates to add.

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