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How do you show up in Google?

+Ev Bogue asked us how we show up in Google, so I Googled myself to find out. If I use the search results that's aimed at me, then I'm 3rd with Twitter and 5th with Facebook and 7th with my G+ profile. But if I go 'verbatim' to disable the personalised search results, then my profile doesn't show up until page 2, with my LinkedIn profile at the top, followed by my G+ profile 3rd down.

Considering how many 'Alan Howard's there are out there (6,310,000 results according to Google), I'm pretty happy with my positioning in the results, but I'm sure I can work at improving it so I'm on the front page of search results instead of the second page.

I don't know yet how to improve it, but I think I'll be learning that in the next few weeks. 🙂

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