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Eve’s adventure

On Saturday I got around to getting Eve (my cat) vaccinated for the first time. I'd completely forgotten about it for a while, but then I thought about how it must be time to let her go outside, so I got her vaccinated first. On Sunday (yesterday) I let her outside.

It was quite funny. She knows that she's not allowed outside, so when I left the door open for her she was standing on the doorstep, just on the inside, not quite sure what to do. She was looking outside and looking at me and looking outside and looking at me. When I didn't do anything she jumped out and ran up the pathway. Hehehe. Then she stopped and looked back at me, obviously wondering what was wrong, wondering why I wasn't trying to grab her and put her back inside. But I went inside instead, and just left the door partly open.

I went out about 10 minutes later, and she was snuffling around in the bushes, inspecting every leaf and twig, and really having a good time. I went back inside.

Another 10 minutes went by and I heard her meowing. So I went outside and she saw me and came trotting inside. She'd had enough of her adventure for the day and was reassuring herself I was still around, then she came inside.

It was very cute.

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