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Happy Birthday….

It's Deidre's birthday tomorrow. She turns 33. I bought her a present today – two CDs, both of kiwi artists. One is by The Feelers, and I think it's one she's always wanted but never gotten around to getting. The other is Nature's Best, with a whole bunch of different kiwi singers. She only said last night that it's the only CD she would go out and buy before she leaves NZ to live in Australia, as it has the best of the kiwi artists and songs. So hopefully she'll be happy with them.

If not, I got a couple exchange vouchers as well, to allow her to swap them for whatever else she might want.

I met Arwei in Auckland last week, as I mentioned here. It was nice seeing her again, but I got the feeling that she wanted to be more than just friends. She talked about being confused about why we kept on 'finding' each other again. She believes very strongly in destiny, and so felt that us coming together again was destiny in action.

Her mind is that we had been emailing each other for a year, and then we met, but even though I was single, she wasn't, so she didn't want to pursue anything. Fair enough. However, now that we've met again, she seems to think there's something mysterious and magical in it. Now that she's single, I'm not, so she's seeing a reversal of our last meeting.

She sent me a text message today saying that she believes if our geographic positions were closer – eg. in the same city – then she would be singing to me as I came home to her tonight.

I'm going to have an interesting time telling Deidre about this tonight. I told her my impressions of Arwei last week, so this will be something else that will add to her impressions of Arwei being a strange girl.

I've been completely open with Deidre about everything to do with other women in my life, past and present, so I don't see the need to be any different. I'm just happy she's not insecure about it all, and is very open-minded.

We were having a coffee at Starbucks in the city on the weekend, and rating women as they walked past. Only once did we reach an agreement on a woman, with both of us rating her a 7. Yes, I know it's all very shallow, but hey, rating women is good, harmless fun – if you're doing it with the right person. And most people do it anyway.

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