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Happy wife, happy life

I was just reading something that was talking about a study having found that men find women who smile to be more attractive than women who don’t smile.

Well, duh.

Interestingly, the study also found that women found men more attractive if they looked ashamed, and that many relationships seem to revolve around ‘man makes woman look happy, but then woman shames man so that she feels happy‘.

It’s truly fascinating how and why people do things.

But I digress. That’s not the purpose of this particular post. In this post, I wanted to talk about the concept that men love women who smile, who seem happy, and so when they’re in a committed and fulfilling relationship with a woman, the term ‘happy wife, happy life’ is one that is very important.

I know that I enjoy making my fiancee laugh. When she smiles it lights up the room. And my heart. When she’s happy, I’m happy. So it’s my job to do what I can to make or keep her happy.

A happy wife gives me a happy life.

She’s not my wife yet, but late next month she will be.  🙂   But I’ve known that if I do my best to make her happy, then the result is my own happiness.

What she does for me is nothing short of amazing. If my job is to make her happy, then it’s her job – that she takes very seriously – to make me happy too.

Can you imagine the kind of relationship where everyone involved is doing their best to make each other happy? Sounds like paradise to me, and for me, my relationship is my slice of paradise.

But how many men and women do their best to make their partner happy? How many people fail to realise that their own happiness is dependent upon their partner’s happiness, and their contribution to that?

Not many, it seems.

So as I move towards my marriage next month – and beyond – I’ll be making sure I look after my own happiness by looking after the happiness of the love of my life.

Selfishness leads to mutual happiness.

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