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Harriet Miers’ Supreme Court nomination due to religious beliefs

If you go here, you'll see George Bush stated that Harriet Miers' religion was the reason he nominated her for the Supreme Court.

Since when has a person's religious beliefs outweighed the requirements for legal qualifications and experience?

Obviously in George Bush's world, a person's religious beliefs are more important than their adherence to the law, or their experience with the law, when being nominated to a position on the Supreme Court.

Even more obvious is the swing in politics to enhance religion in Americans' lives, where people are chosen for their religion, are rewarded for their religion, and supported for their religion.

There's a bad smell coming on the storm that I can see on the horizon, and it's only made worse by Pat Robertson, a leading religious figure, who not only encouraged the assassination of the Venezualan President, but has also recently supported nuclear strikes against Venezuala – "nuke 'em before they nuke us!"

Fear, paranoia and religious ecstasy are dragging the US into areas the rest of the world fears them to go.

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