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Having kids

I was speaking with a friend of mine (Deidre) during lunch today, and they asked me why I wasn't interested in having kids.  I paused for a moment as I remembered my policy to be honest this year, to myself and to others.  I paused a bit longer as I drew up from the depths of my soul why I didn't want to have kids.

"I'm afraid," I finally said.  "I'm afraid of getting into a relationship and having kids and then deciding I never wanted them.  I'm afraid of having kids and realising I can't love them.  I'm afraid of kids living the same kind of childhood I had."

She laughed.  "What is it with all men who are afraid of commitment?"

"I'm not afraid of commitment," I replied, smiling.  "I'm quite happy to commit to the woman that makes me happy, but I'm just afraid of having kids.  I'm afraid of feeling tied down.  So I'd be happy to commit to a relationship of mutual happiness, but that's all."



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