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Holiday – Day 10

Today was another full day of touristy adventures. First we went for a walk around Lake Ginninderra, which is in Belconnen, a western area of Canberra. Unfortunately, I’d left the storage card in the laptop at home, so I didn’t get any photos. However, after the walk we went back home (where we’re staying, at least) to pick it up and then went to have lunch with Darlene.

She hasn’t changed much since I first met her, but it was great seeing her again.

After lunch we went to Cockington Green, which is a lovely little place that has a lot of miniature displays of English villages and areas, as well as other international buildings. I’ll just throw in a whole bunch of them below. I hope you enjoy them. First off though, is a photo of a lovely fountain in Lake Burley Griffin, which I thought I’d include as another example of beautiful Canberra. Cockington Green photos follow the fountain.

This is the entrance to Cockington Green…

That’s all for now. Tomorrow morning we’re going to be climbing Gibraltar Rocks out at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. Then we’re having lunch with my old buddy Nick, followed by a tour around Parliament House. Until then, goodnight!

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