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How much do you rely on technology?

As I’m waiting for Telstra to reconnect our internet after one of their technicians accidentally cut some cabling in the neighbourhood, I’m pondering how much we rely on technology these days, and when it disappears, we feel a loss. Or maybe it’s just me?

I have a perfectly good desktop computer here that, without the internet, becomes somewhat useless.

Most of our computer activities these days are based on being connected to the internet, so when it disappears, we look at an empty screen and wonder what we can do with ourselves.

Maybe I’ll go for a walk after I’ve finished writing this, and take some photos of the sunset. Then I might share them on Instagram via my mobile connection. At least I still have that.

Even while out enjoying nature, I’m connected to the internet, and can share my activities and my life to the world.

Is it unusual that I enjoy being connected like this?

Maybe it used to be, but I don’t think it is any more.

Imagine if all that is gone, and there’s no such thing as internet connectivity any more. All the things that we take for granted, we can’t do them any more.

No more email, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, online chatting…

Almost too horrible to imagine, isn’t it.  :/

But at least I can write. I could read too, but not on my computer, since the Kindle web page needs the internet.

There should be a standalone Kindle application for the desktop, so that you can have your books available for when you have no internet connection. Or maybe there already is such an application, but I just haven’t looked for it. [Update: I just checked out my desktop Kindle, a couple days after writing this, and it seems to be ‘saving app for offline use’. Nice.]

Am I rambling? I don’t think so. I’m throwing out some thoughts about how so much of our life is based on being connected, and how much we take it for granted.

What about you? How much of your life is dependent upon being connected? What would you miss if there was no longer any internet connection for you?

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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