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Human Advancement

I found this blog called Human Advancement, and frankly, I was quite impressed with the content of it. Impressed enough to immediately add it to my blogroll under ‘Blogs I like’. I encourage you to have a read as well.

I liked what he was talking about regarding humanity’s advancement and the essential elements of what moves us forward, paraphrased here:

Life gives us the opportunity to exist and to move forward. It’s about making advances that help us move forward better.

Intelligence is not just about the individual but about the species. It’s about sharing knowledge and ideas with each other, and understanding the connection between the past and the future.

Technology is the application of intelligence towards fulfilling our needs.

Freedom is the concept that inspires people to do the job. Individual freedom, and the freedom of humanity.

These four touchstones are what his blog is about, and is also what he believes the future of humanity needs in order to advance. I agree with him absolutely.

I’ll be following his posts, and reading his past posts, and I can see myself being inspired to change my own style of writing. His writing style and content is, in many ways, how I have wanted to develop my own.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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