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I feel like untethering

My favorite Internet guy right now is a young guy by the name of Ev Bogue (links to his G+ profile). He’s untethered from his life, and he writes a lot about his life and insights now that he’s no longer bound to the restrictions the rest of us choose for ourselves.

He travels, lives in hotels, has all his possessions in a backpack, and is getting to know himself and this world in a very interesting way.

For a few years now I’ve been looking into minimalism. It’s where you live a ‘minimal’ lifestyle, with few possessions and few restrictions. No debts is a big part of it, because all debt is a ‘bondage’. You’re forced into a kind of slavery, having to work to pay the bills and the debts.

Of course, it’s a slavery of our own choosing. No one holds a gun to our head and forces us to buy things we can’t afford… But being part of this capitalist, debt-fueled society means that living in debt is our reality.

Dropping out of society always seems attractive, but we like the things we can have. We like the gadgets, the lifestyle, the choices that are available to us. But they’re all an illusion.

The reality is slavery o our own ideas of what we should be part of.

So Ev and others like him are an inspiration to me. With them sharing their insights and experiences, they’re helping me see how I can untether as well. And the more they share with me, the more inclined I am to find ways of untethering from the bondages within my own life as well.

Would you like to untether too? Have you untethered? How did you go about it? Please share your experiences in the comments.

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